Ethnographer and Research Consultant

Ethnographer and Research Consultant

With an ever inquisitive and exploratory mind, I collaborate with forward-looking people, ideas, and multidisciplinary teams. Who I work with are Fortune 500 or 1000s, think tanks, or boutique firms that aspire to extraordinary and actionable insights driven by human-centered or service-centered design.  Marketing campaigns, business opportunities and product designs benefit from these insights.

Understanding human behavior, language, and meanings elucidates how people really behave rather than what they say they do, or think, leading to products and services that better meet customers’ needs.

Personifying a mast-like quality, I navigate through big questions like:
• What are our customers really doing with our product or service that will tell us how to design the next generation?
• How can we explore emerging market domains that will provide a direction for business strategies?
• How can we improve organizational processes to enact increased efficiency using new technology?

Resourceful, attentive, and accessible, I value integrity and welcome adventure.


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